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We believe that our blends and single origins are some of the best tasting coffees available in cafés and restaurants in Melbourne. Choosing the right blend is only the first step in serving the perfect coffee. The next step is choosing the right grinder and coffee-making machine. To make an authentic Italian style coffee you need authentic Italian made equipment.


Antico supplies a variety of coffee machines and grinders please ask us for more information as we are able to source a variety of machines and grinders from across the world.


Having the right equipment plays a very important part in the coffee making process. They don’t just brew the coffee and steam the milk, they also have a magnificent presence, lending a theatrical ambience to any occasion.


The espresso machines and grinders we endorse come in a range of styles, colours and prices, ensuring that you get a machine that not only makes delicious coffee, but also looks fantastic and suits the look and feel of your establishment.    


Visit the online store to view the full range of equipment we have on offer.