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Our Philosophy

Taste is everything.

Coffee is about sharing good times with friends. It’s about taking a little time out from your day and savouring the taste. Every cup of coffee should be an experience.
Antico came to Australia with the dream of bringing our passion and enthusiasm for authentic Italian coffee culture to this great country. If there’s one thing that Italians and Australians have in common it’s their love for great coffee. We believe that when it boils down to it there are three key ingredients at the heart of the perfect coffee: Exquisite blends, high quality equipment and expert barrister.
We are confident that our blends and unique slow roasting methods create some of the finest coffees available in Australia, which is why we believe in creating lasting relationships with the cafes and restaurants that serve our products. We don’t just want to be your next supplier; we want to be your only one.
We know that when it comes to coffee, different people have different tastes, and we have blends to suit any coffee loving palette. Blends that sell well in one suburb may not necessarily do so in another. Through collaboration and understanding we can make sure you are serving the right blends to suit your customer’s tastes. If necessary, we can even work with you to create a custom blend just for your café.
Antico Philosophy | Antico Coffee