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Our Promise

Our Promise.

Coffee machines and grinders are sophisticated pieces of machinery. Like any machine, they require care and periodic servicing. Antico will ensure your equipment is always in the best possible working condition so you can produce amazing coffee time after time.


If your coffee machine breaks down at any time, day or night, Our fully trained technicians are able to come and quickly fix it for you.

We love coffee, and to share the joy and passion we get from drinking a beautiful brewed coffee we offer a free service to our customers to teach them the art of coffee making. Equipped with the best facilities here at Antico, our customers will be taught along side our professional baristas. Learn the best secrets and tips to make a special coffee.



The Laws of Great Coffee

We recognise that there are 3 ingredients to make your café a coffee success.

1. The Coffee

We make sure for the raw product we select through to the actual cup of coffee the highest quality standards are met.


2. The Equipment

We make sure that we schedule a machine service as well as also showing you how to maintain your equipment when we are not there.


3. The Barista

We can make sure that your staff are fully trained so they can perform at 100 % .