Our Heritage

Welcome to a different school of thought.

Since moving here in 2006, I have been delighted with Australia’s expanding coffee culture. Why? Because the more Australians drink coffee, the more curious they become about the taste of coffee, and that is why Antico was established here. My family originates from Siracusa in Italy, where they have been merchants for over 30 years.

Our way of roasting coffee is very traditional. It is so classical that we call it ‘antique’. My vision and my passion is to introduce Australians to the authentic taste of real Italian coffee, using the Italian method of slowly roasted beans.

Of course coffee freshness is paramount to the taste, so our coffee is locally roasted with imported Italian machinery, right here in Melbourne, where we trade under the name of Antico (the Italian word for antique).But our story does not stop there. We are passionate coffee roasters who believe in supplying a genuine ‘home-style’ coffee product - one that is noticeably different – an exclusive product.