Master the Perfect Coffee.

Antico School

The Program

The program runs in 3 stages:

1 – Introduction. ( 1.5 hours )
This is all about learning the basics, getting used to the subtle nuances of the blends, the inner workings of the machinery, and the values and rituals of coffee culture.

2 – Consistency. ( 1.5 hours ) Once the trainees can make a perfect cup of coffee, we teach them how to make them time after time. This is important if you don’t want the quality of your coffee to be compromised during high-pressure busy periods.

3 – Art. ( 1 hour ) When it comes to Antico coffee, taste is everything. However, we do think that our coffee should not only taste good, but look good too. That is why we teach your baristas the artistic flourishes that can turn getting a cup of coffee into a special occasion and a moment to remember.